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For many years we have sponsored:


  • Girls' Cathedral Choir PUELLAE ORANTES TARNOVIENSIS in Tarnów, winner of many international competitions. More about the activities of the Choir:


During our history, we have had the pleasure of supporting many times:




  • Men's Basketball Section of the Interschool Sports Club at the Youth Palace in Tarnów


and take part in various actions:


  • "All children want to be online". The aim of the action was to provide financial support to the "Together" Child Care Center in Gorlice in purchasing the necessary computer equipment for the pupils. The action All children want to be online is a CSR project of the Polska Press Advertising Department in cooperation with Gazeta Krakowska and Dziennik Polski.


  • We have been in the Noble Package Team for many years. The annual commitment of MGGP Group Employees brings great results and a lot of joy to the families given to them.


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