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We are the market leader in engineering services. Since 1998, our brand has been proudly and effectively developing and promoting Polish engineering thought, both in the national and international arena.

Key areas of our activity include:

  • transport infrastructure

  • technical infrastructure

  • geoinformation

  • water management and the environment

The comprehensive nature of services provided by MGGP S.A. allows the company to participate in all stages of the project: from environmental research, spatial measurement, development strategy, preparing the conceptual design, through construction and detailed designs, contract management, control and supervision over the project implementation, to its commissioning.

We are an example of a company built consistently, thoughtfully, consciously, based on a long-term strategy with respect for the environment and people – their needs and potential.


The activities of MGGP Group are concentrated on several market areas, where numerous synergy processes take place. We use them consciously, and with the integration of activities, we keep achieving better results. Close cooperation of our engineering teams as early as at the stage of planning and designing infrastructure solutions enables a multi-level approach to find optimal solutions for human needs and respect to the natural environment.


We have successfully implemented our projects in over 20 countries in Europe and North Africa.

MGGP Group, aside from MGGP S.A., comprises the following companies: MGGP Aero Sp. z o. o., VIMAP Sp. z o. o., INGEO Proiect SRL in Romania and MGGP Ltd in Ukraine.

The surrounding reality is constantly changing. We participate in this change by designing a sustainable world of the future. A world where humans, nature and technology create a perfect unity. A world where people, their emotions and needs matter. We push the boundaries with our engineers' minds and find solutions for the future. We understand space and blaze new trails for a better life. We study the environment, protect it and use it sustainably. We respect differences and seek agreement. We communicate using modern and safe language of technology.


Our mission is to build a sustainable world of the future – with innovative engineering that serves people and nature.

On February 17, 1998, Franciszek Gryboś, Małgorzata Grad, Bogdan Grodziński and Janusz Sobczyk signed a notarial deed establishing Małopolska Grupa Geodezyjno-Projektowa S.A. with headquarters in Nowy Sącz, integrating their previous activities launched as early as at the end of the 1980s, and thus giving rise to MGGP S.A.


Today, we are a well-established and growth-oriented company, with an impressive portfolio of projects of international significance and scale, and over 20 years of experience.



A change in the company's stock ownership.

Małgorzata Grad and Franciszek Gryboś become the shareholders of MGGP S.A. as natural persons.

Reactivation of MGGP S.A. operations in Romania – reopening the company's branch.


20th anniversary of MGGP S.A.

We celebrate it twice – at the picnic with our employees and their families, and together with our guests at the celebration in the Stara Zajezdnia restaurant in Cracow.


The MGGP Group companies introduce their new visual identity. The goal is to make the Group's image more consistent and stronger.

MGGP S.A. signs a contract with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Water Management in Macedonia to prepare an orthophotomap and perform the digitization of agricultural land, to develop software for the FR and FADN systems, and to update the LPIS system.

Closing of the branch in Romania.


MGGP S.A. signs a contract with the National Water Management Authority (KZGW) to prepare the Hydrographic Map of Poland (MPHP) at 1:10 000.


MGGP S.A. signs a contract with the State Agency of Land Resources of Ukraine to convert land share certificates into land certificates in the Luhans'ka and Kharkivs'ka provinces.

MGGP S.A. acquires shares in INGEO Proiect SRL in Romania and MGGP Ltd in Ukraine.


A change in the company's stock ownership.

The Franciszek Gryboś Sp. k. company becomes a shareholder of MGGP S.A.


Establishment of the MGGP S.A. branch in Romania.

MGGP S.A. begins to execute the contract for supervising the modernization of the railroad no. E65 – the area of LCS (Computer-Based Interlocking) in Tczew, Działdowo, and Ciechanów – the first supervision contract in railway transportation.


10th anniversary of MGGP S.A.

We celebrate it together with our employees and guests invited to the ceremony in the Bochnia Salt Mine.

MGGP S.A. signs contracts to prepare comprehensive design documentation for the expansion of the Łęgi and Spyrkówka wastewater treatment plants in Zakopane.


New MGGP Group companies are founded: INGEO Proiect SRL in Romania and MGGP Ltd in Ukraine. Both companies provide geoinformation services.


A Libyan branch of MGGP S.A. is registered /the branch is later deregistered due to the war conflict/.

MGGP S.A. signs contracts to provide aerial photographs and digital orthophotomaps with the National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration of Romania (ANCPI) and with the Ministry of National Defense of the Lebanese Republic.

The company changes its name from Małopolska Grupa Geodezyjno-Projektowa S.A. to MGGP S.A.


MGGP S.A. launches business activity in project management and project supervision for the transport and environmental engineering industry.


MGGP S.A. launches business activity in road design, environment protection, water engineering, and spatial planning.


Establishment of MGGP Aero Sp. z o.o., a company specializing in taking and processing aerial photographs.

MGGP S.A. enters the foreign market – takes its first steps in Libya.


MGGP S.A. expands its services with topographic and cartographic maps.

The company moves its headquarters from Nowy Sącz to Tarnów.


Małopolska Grupa Geodezyjno-Projektowa, currently MGGP S.A., launches its business activity.



Over the course of our business activity, we have repeatedly won prizes and rewards granted by our business sector.

  • Forbes Diamond Award /2014, 2017, 2021, 2022/

  • Award for aerial photographs and geoinformation products for infrastructure projects /INFRASTRUKTURA Fair 2012/​​

  • Grand Prix of the Minister of Infrastructure for complex engineering services for road projects /INFRASTRUCTURE Fair 2011 /

  • Business Fair Play /2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008/

  • 1st Prize in the National Modernization Award 2007 (for Sports and Recreation Facilities) /2008/

  • 1st Award in the Reliable Employer of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship 2005 /2006/

  • 1st Prize for a service company in the 7th edition of the Highest Quality in the Lesser Poland Competition /2005/

  • 2nd Prize of the Minister of Infrastructure for outstanding creative achievements in surveying and cartography /2003/

  • Award in the 2nd edition of the National Competition Promoting Polish Companies of Economic Success "Polish Success" /2001/

  • 2nd and 3rd place in the National Competition for the Quality of Surveying and Cartographic Works and Real Estate Valuation /2001/


Since the beginning of its business activity, MGGP S.A. has been actively involved in local life by supporting initiatives that encourage its cultural, scientific, and sports development.

Partnership with universities and schools

MGGP S.A. cooperates with leading academic centers in Poland, actively participating in the training of future engineering staff. The goal of this partnership is to exchange knowledge and experience, and to create a long-term development prospects, both for the students and the company.

Membership in professional organizations

Through membership in industry organizations, MGGP S.A. actively engages to develop Polish standards of provided services.

The company provides aerial data and comprehensive solutions in the field of inventory and analysis of urbanized space and the natural environment.


Founded in 2001

The company provides geoinformation services, such as surveying, cadastre, photogrammetry, and GIS.


Founded in 2007

The company provides geoinformation services, such as surveying, cadastre, photogrammetry, and GIS.


Founded in 2007

The company provides services and products supporting the management of energy infrastructure, particularly in the scope of maintenance, operation, and prevention of failures resulting from the poor technical condition of the infrastructure.


Founded in 2005


Guided by principles of responsibility, credibility and entrepreneurship, we have been consistently building the image of a desirable employer for over 20 years as…

"Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results." – Andrew Carnegie

We care about our employees by offering them a friendly workplace and non-wage benefits.

By joining our ambitious team, you get support from your supervisors at all times during your employment period.

We are flexible and can offer you various forms of employment.

With our experience, you will get the opportunity to develop constantly and to participate in interesting projects.

By joining us, you get a job in a company with a well-established market position.

You will be invited to team-building trips and company events, where we will get to know each other and make new friends.

You will have an open path to development within the structures of our company, and you will strengthen your competencies.

You will be given the opportunity to learn English and German at any level.

You will be offered the LUX MED private medical care package to ensure proper care for your and your loved ones' health.

You will get access to sports services as part of the FitProfit membership to relax in your spare time.

If you want to make savings – we will provide you with the opportunity to join the Employee Capital Plans.

We will treat you to delicious coffee in nice company.

You can join a group insurance.


If you want to join a modern company, bringing together many specialists and high-class engineers, where you will find new opportunities for personal and professional development and a job full of challenges, please send your curriculum vitae, cover letter and references to:
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