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MGGP S.A. is a mature and conscious organisation whose mission is to build a sustainable world of the future - with innovative engineering that serves people and the environment. We fulfil our mission with respect for ethics, while maintaining compliance with applicable provisions of law and requirements concerning the environment and H&S, by employing qualified staff and cooperating with entities with an appropriate level of awareness in matters of quality, the environment, H&S and information security.


The most important quality, environmental, H&S and information security objectives in our business are as follows: 

  • proper quality of services provided in accordance with the requirements of our customers and confirmed by their satisfaction,

  • development of our company taking into account the principle of sustainable development, assuming conscious and properly formed relations between economic growth, care for the environment and human health,

  • reducing the adverse impact on the environment,

  • raising health and safety standards at work,

  • reducing the risks associated with loss of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information (including personal data).


We ensure effective achievement of the above objectives by:

  • providing services that meet the needs, requirements and expectations of our current and future customers and interested parties, 

  • analysis of the context of our organisation and assessment of risks and opportunities,

  • compliance with legal and other requirements concerning quality, the environment, H&S and information security,

  • improvement of processes related to the provision of services, company management processes and looking for new directions of company development and, consequently, development of industries in which we operate,

  • building positive, permanent and reliable relations with the Company's environment,

  • cooperation with suppliers that offer services meeting our quality requirements and whose performance is accompanied by care for the safety of their employees and the natural environment as well as information security,

  • respect for natural resources, in particular through the effective and economical management of natural resources and energy as well as conducting rational and environmentally safe waste management,

  • minimisation of workplace hazards, in particular through the identification and assessment of occupational risks, prevention of accidents at work, occupational diseases and near misses,

  • improvement of qualifications and awareness of our employees, so that they could understand the importance of their work in relation to the Company's mission and feel responsible for their impact on quality, the environment, H&S and information security,

  • involving leaders in building the Company's strategy,

  • providing necessary resources to implement the adopted policy,

  • continuous improvement of our IMS effectiveness.


The Integrated Management System in MGGP S.A. is based on the requirements of the following standards: PN-EN ISO 9001:2015, PN-EN ISO 14001:2015, PN-EN ISO 45001:2018, PN-EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017-06.

The Integrated Management System is an expression of our conscious responsibility for the quality of our services, our concern for H&S and the environment as well as for information security and personal data protection.

This policy is generally available to all interested parties and all persons working for MGGP S.A. or on its behalf are obliged to know and comply with it.

Paweł Grad, Chairman of the Board of MGGP S.A.

Jarosław Gryboś, Vice Chairman of the Board of MGGP S.A.

February 8th, 2022


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